Frequently Asked Questions

Registration FAQ

How do I register for classes?
To register, please visit our Registration Page. Here you’ll be able to view all of our session dates and choose what works best for you. Once you’re ready, you can create an account, purchase a membership, and register for classes by clicking “Register Today.” There is a registration tutorial available here.

What is the cost for individual classes?
We ask that our families pay a $20 membership fee, which will allow you to register for any classes throughout the year at no additional cost. Financial aid is available.

I registered for a class, when will I receive more details?
You will receive a confirmation email upon registering for a class, and another email a day before the class begins.

Program FAQ

How long are classes?
Session lengths vary throughout the year. You can view our session schedule on our registration page. Each class is an hour long.

What is a typical class like?
Each class will begin with a warmup, followed by different activities that enhance specific golf skills. These activities teach both golf and life skills that students can use on and off the golf course.

Where do you offer programs?
You can view our program locations listed by county here.

For what ages do you offer programming?
We offer programs for kids ages 5-18. Please note that classes for 5-6 year olds are offered at a limited number of locations.

Are your programs suitable for beginners?
Yes, our programs are a great option for beginner golfers. No experience is needed!

Does my child need to have their own equipment?
No– coaches and volunteers can provide equipment during class time.

What should my child wear to class? Do they need to bring anything?
Participants should wear clothing they are comfortable being active in, and closed toed shoes. Please bring a water bottle. If you are sending your child to class with their own clubs, please label them with their first and last name.

Can’t find the answer you’re looking for? Please email [email protected] with any further questions.